Favorite Collections: Elie Saab A/W 2012-13

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014: Her 0082. Keep more up-to-date on the latest posts or watch runway shows live on Keishikibi | Australian Street Fashion and Street Style Blog.

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i like it when the sky looks like the world is going to end

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Tom Hiddleston and tulips. Everything I love in one picture <3

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Tom Hiddleston - Labyrinth of Shakespeare

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Belle made sure that they would be seated right next to each other, but then as soon as she shuttle moved they were both quiet, and she thought that maybe later she would find other ways to have them talk.

When she looked at them she couldn’t help but think that they’d make a good couple; it was something she felt in her gut and because there was something about them that seemed to click, not to mention that they were both good looking too.

She decided then that she would talk to Henry once they come down, just to get to know him better. Belle wanted to make sure he wasn’t someone who could just break her sister’s heart, or some cheat with six wives on the side. She wanted to make sure that if he was going to pursue her sister, he was a good man from a good family with a good character. But most of all, she wanted to know if he would able to make her sister happy.

When they arrived at the courtyard of the Palace Kate smiled and she tugged on Henry’s sleeve.

"Have you ever pictured architecture like this before? Or you mostly do city architecture?"

He felt a bit like a kid, he wanted to run around and take photographs and drag Kate along as if she were his date. He was already eyeing the buildings and where he wanted to go.

Henry’s hand was already on the camera as he walked with the two sisters and he looked over at Kate when she asked him about what he took photographs of. 

"I just like all architecture, it’s all… it’s just… beautiful" he said to her and he looked over at her, and he smiled. 

He knew he couldn’t wander off by himself here, he knew it wouldn’t be a good idea because he had a bad sense of direction and he would get lost going to the bathroom. 

"Where would you want to go first?"

"There’s a musical fountains show, we could go there." Kate suggested, grinning as she excused herself to ask the schedule and directions. She said she wouldn’t be long as she walked to the nearest staff that she could find.

Belle walked over to Henry, asking if he took any photographs already. “So, you have an answer already?” she asked, quietly though as she smiled at him. “It’s not like I’m going to tell her though.”

And she wouldn’t, really. Though she didn’t mention that she would try to nudge them both together, a little push wasn’t so bad.

"Just curious…what would you do if she said that she liked you?"

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there’s this one rper that i just cannot stand and i see it everywhere. fuck me.

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Lunch for today! Salmon pan fried in coconut oil, broccoli and quinoa, and boiled sweet potato with almond butter. #yum #food #healthyeating

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How to choose the right bra type


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Gemy Maalouf 2014 Spring Evening Collection

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